Q: What do I need in order to use sketchmi?

A: All you need: a sketchmi, a tablet, printer paper (or thinner), and something to draw with!

Q: What tablets can I use with sketchmi?

A: sketchmi can be used with most tablets that fit within these dimensions: 7.3in x 9 1/2in x 1/2in. It is optimized to work best with iPad mini, iPad 2, and iPad 3. Although it’s a smaller screen (and thus a smaller canvas), you can also use a lot of smartphones!

Q: I have a sketchmi. How do I use it?

A: To learn how to use your sketchmi, go to our How-to page.

Q: Can I use sketchmi with friends?

A: Although sketchmi is designed for the individual user, friends can also collaborate and play together.

Q: Can I take sketchmi with me on-the-go?

A: Yup! sketchmi is lightweight and portable. You do not need a desk to use sketchmi, and you can also draw with it on your lap.

Q: Do I need Internet access?

A: You do need Internet access in order to initially download our sketchlets from our website, but after downloading to your tablet, you can use sketchlets without Internet.

Q: What are sketchlets?

A: sketchlets are nifty drawing activities that give kids a place to start. They come in a variety of themed packs, with various styles and levels of difficulty. Click here to check out our sketchlet library.

Q: What is photo trace?

A: Photo trace is another way in which you can use sketchmi for drawing. Simply take a photo, find a photo in your gallery, or find an image on the Internet, and use it as a reference for you to sketch from. Learn more on our how-to page

Q: I made something really cool. Can I share my sketchmi drawing?

A: Yes, definitely! Snap a photo of your sketch, upload it to Instagram, and tag it with the hashtag #madewithsketchmi to have it featured in our gallery. We can't wait to see what you've created!

Q: How do I get ideas? What are some things I can do?

A: Get inspired by what other sketchmi users have created at our gallery.