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how-to guide


how-to guide

tablet setup

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Adjust screen brightness to the highest setting.

1. iPad Go to Settings >  Display & Brightness 

   Android Go to Settings > Display > Brightness

2. Slide to the highest brightness. 


We don't want the screen to turn off in the middle of a sketch! Let's change the auto-lock/auto-sleep. 

1. iPad Go to Settings > General >  Auto-lock

   Android Go to Settings > Display > Screen Timeout

2. Turn off auto-lock OR increase the time before auto-lock. 

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tray fitting

The foam layers were originally designed to fit an iPad mini, however, plenty of iPads and Android tablets work great in the tray. 

1. Open the front cover and lift the plastic flap. The plastic flap protects your screen AND keeps your hand from shifting the image while you draw. 

2. If your tablet is larger than an iPad mini, remove the top foam layer and slide your tablet into the tray. 



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sketchmi can be used with printing paper and any other thinner papers, such as tracing paper. This way, the light from the tablet screen can visibly pass through the paper. You can use almost any dry art medium with sketchmi. Explore and experiment! Start out with a pen, pencil, or marker.


It's hard to see your tablet screen in direct sunlight, so sketchmi works best indoors and with dim or shady lighting.


sketchmi is super portable. Take it everywhere! Also, it has a super flexible spine and can fold all the way around, making it even more portable. 

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2 ways to draw

2 ways to draw

1. sketchlets

sketchlets are easily traceable drawing activities hand-created by team sketchmi.

They come in a variety of themed packs, with different styles and difficulties. You can use sketchlets online, or download them to your tablet for offline use.

  1. Visit the sketchlet library and tap on one that you like. 
  2. Pick out a page to trace. Zoom in on the page to make it bigger if needed.
  3. Close the plastic flap over your tablet. Put a piece of paper on the plastic flap and start creating! Combine pages from different sketchlets for even more creative possibilities.


iPad Tap on a sketchlet below. Tap on "Open in iBooks".

Android Tap on a sketchlet below. Open it in PDF viewer. 


With photo trace, you can trace directly from an existing image!

1. Find an image that you'd like to draw: you can take a photo, pull up a photo from your gallery/albums, or search for one online

2. Images that work best with sketchmi:

  • Simple images with few small details
  • High contrast images with clearly defined lines
  • Clip art

3. We recommend using your tablet to edit the image for the best sketching experience. You can:

  • Zoom in on the image to make it bigger
  • Crop the image
  • Apply filters/adjust contrast and lighting
  • Use photography apps to convert any image into traceable line drawings

Cover your tablet with the plastic flap. Put a piece of paper on the plastic and start creating! Try combining photos and sketchlets for some zany sketching concoctions!




Check out examples of photo trace in our one-sketch-a-day campaign.